Wayto Mui Ne

Suoi Nuoc

This beach is the next beach on the way to the White Sand Dunes; North East of Hon Rom Beach. There is a long strip of hotels on a small road that runs along the beach (paralell to the new main highway), but one must ask "Why?" If you stop at any given hotel on any given day, chances are it will be closed and you will find a lone caretaker sleeping in a back room. This beach is spectacular--if you enjoy isolated, desolate, windy saharan landscapes. The area is a windswept desert. The inhabitants most commonly encountered are shepherd boys hearding goats and cows across the highway or the beach.
Suoi Nuoc is as long, if not longer than Mui Ne, and extendeds North to the village of Binh Tien (the turn off to head to the White Sand Dunes). At the village there is a new resort being built. Above the village looms a large (and odd) peak. At one side it appears to be an enormous dune, but on other sides appears as a rocky mountain. Near Binh Thien there is another small island (often called "Turtle Island") which can be reached from the beach at low tide.