Wayto Mui Ne

Ganh Beach (Hon Rom Beach)

North East of Mui Ne Beach is Hon Rom Beach. The beach runs South West to North East and is on the "back side" of Mui Ne Village. It is accessible at a restaurant and a cluster of resorts on the cemetery point of Mui Ne Village; as well as along the highway past the Red Sand Dunes.
Windspeed on shore is around 30 knots. Waves break on shore, with no coral present. For Half of the year, this beach is used as a harbor for the Mui Ne Village Boats. During this time, this beach should not be used for kiteboarding or other water sports.

The beach at the Red Sand Dunes is known as Suoi Hong (Red Spring). The most notable resorts at this point are the Pandanus and Malibu. Further up the beach is the Red Sand Canyon. Most of the beach-extending North from Suoi Hong to Hon Rom Village--is undevelopable, or at least it would be criminally stupid to do so, as the sand dunes dive steeply into the beach. At Hon Rom Village in the protected cove area is another cluster of large hotels, typically frequented by caravans of large busses full of asian tourists on weekends.

There is a lovely little islet off the cemetery point. While this beach is spectacular--the scenery is better than Rang--swimming is not recommended. There are strong rip tides and swimming can be rather dangerous. A number of locals have died here. The Mui Ne Village Harbor alternates seasonally between the protected area near the cemetery at this beach, and the more famous harbor on the other side of the point on Rang Beach.