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Binh Thuan has to strongly check and control the pandemic Covid-19 in the new development

 That was the emphasis of the steering committee for pandemic prevention and control on March 21st. in addition, there were the strong controls at the two health check-points to prevent the infection sources.

The province will continue mobilizing all the resources to cope with the complicated development of Covid-19 like: equipping enough medical equipment, Controlling the international tourists that enter Binh Thuan province, setting up the quarantine areas, volunteers and medical workers….
According to information from Binh Thuan Department of culture, sports and tourism on March 21st, Binh Thuan had 6.233 tourists (about 1.181 domestic tourists, 5.052 international tourists). Namely, there were about 74 Chinese, 30 Korean, 24 Japanese, 126 French, 10 Italians, 6 Spanish, 396 Germans, 200 Americans, 80 British, 3.414 Russians, 692 people from other markets.
Before that, on the morning of March 21st, Binh Thuan set up two health check-points towards international tourists in Phu Hai ward and Long Son- Suoi Nuoc area (Mui Ne ward). At the check-points, the staffs checked the buses, coaches that have the international tourists; the staffs carried out the check about the passport, arrival date, transport schedule, individual temperature… Especially was the information about the 21 flights which had the coronavirus patients in the previous announcement.

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