Wayto Mui Ne

Recommended Modes of Transportation

Police have responded to a recent, tragic accident involving a tourist and a motorbike, by setting up roadblocks and confiscating motorbikes driven by foreigners. This has caused a serious problem in regard to lack of local transportation. Hopefully this is a temporary measure and life will return to normal over the coming weeks.
If you are traveling to any site within Binh Thuan Province (leaving from Mui Ne), we recommend traveling by motorbike. Go with a driver, or drive yourself. The only exception is the Sand Dunes Tour, for which we recommend a jeep. Taxis are available in Mui Ne, and cyclos (rickshaws) are available in Phan Thiet, but neither are common here and both are expensive.

There are currently no local airports in operation. Boat rides are generally not available, although privately chartered fishing boats (which can be difficult to arrange) can take you up the river or out to Phu Quy Island.

You should travel by tourist bus between Mui ne/Phan Thiet and any of the nearest cities (Nha Trang, Da Lat, Nha Trang). It is cheap, comfortable, and convenient. Other modes of transportation are usually more trouble that they are worth.

The best mode of travel to more distant cities, in our opinion, is by train. However, busses are cheaper, and the train station in Muong Man is not easy to get to.